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Sheep can be reared as free range (where there is no shortage of land) or under housing inside a shed. It is a very important component in dry land farming system. With very low investments can be made in to a profitable venture for small, marginal farmers and landless labourers.


  • Well adopted to environment and poor management practices

  • The meat rate is increasing day by day

  • Sheep are suitable for wool and meat

  • Average of 1-2 kids per sheep per delivery

  • Average meat recovery of 22-30 kg/goat

  • Penning leads to manurial value to land


Jodupi, Palla, Madras Brown, Dakkani

  • Local breeds: Varies according to region

  • Exotic breeds

  • Merino � Wool purpose

  • Ram Boullet � Wool and meat

  • Cheviot � Meat

  • South Down - Meat

For details regarding:

  • Availability of good breeds

  • Requirements and Making of Goat sheds

  • Feeding of goats

  • Production of healthy goats

    Please contact nearest Veterinary Health Centers or Department of Agriculture.

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